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  • BelAL provides every citizen of Belarus with opportunity of free access to and use of information on agriculture, forestry and food.
  • The information, provided by the Library, belongs to the important strategic resources for the development of economy, policy, science, business, education, culture and spirituality.

BelAL is the National Centre of Agricultural Information

  • Has direct access to the basic international, foreign and national databases.
  • Possesses the most representative collection of agricultural literature in the country.
  • Is the National Centre of the FAO International information system in the field of agriculture and food AGRIS/CARIS.
  • Is the member of the International Agricultural Libraries Network AGLINET.
  • Is the Deposit Library of FAO documents.
  • Is the centre of the national and international interlibrary loan on agriculture, forestry and food.
  • Is the centre for coordination of information resources of Belarusian agriculture.

Library's Mission

  • Provision of the transnational access to the world information resources on agriculture, forestry and food.
  • Organization of highly qualified information service for the Library users.
  • Organization of highly qualified information service for the Library users.
  • Creation of the national information space.
  • Provision of safety of the Belarusian document memory in the field of agriculture and organization of free access to it within time and space.

Library's Priorities

  • Overcoming the limits and barriers obstructing the access to the information and its delivery to the users.
  • Completeness, accuracy and efficiency of information services.

Library's Values

  • We regard information resources of BelAL as a national treasure and strive to maximize their growth and accessibility.
  • We believe that access to the global information will inevitably cause the progress in agriculture.
  • We strive to provide excellent information service and are particular about the achievement of the international standards of information service.
  • We appreciate partnership and cooperation with people and various organizations to enhance access to the agricultural information.
  • Our attitude to the information is always impartial.
  • We believe in professional and moral value of each Library employee and welcome his or her individuality.
  • We welcome open communication and cooperation with individuals and professional groups within the library and in the informative commonwealth, and consider ourselves as one team.
  • We believe that Library reliability and evolution is vital to accomplishing our Mission.

Library's Professional Credo

  • BelAL is an open library. It welcomes any contacts, denies censorship and doesn't undergo stereotypes, political and professional prejudices.
  • BelAL is a dynamic library. It is in the lead in using new information technologies, seeking for the additional opportunities of receiving or delivering of information. BelAL constantly develops. Respect of the Library users remains stable.
  • BelAL is a purposeful Library. Its activities are always complied with tasks of finding and delivering the information to users; collecting, storing and passing the information to the future generations; moving the Library up to the level of high technologies.
  • BelAL is a professional library. It unites employees of various specialties for solving the common task of providing information to the users. Professional ethics of library employees demands them to do their utmost to meet information requirements of the users.

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